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Join AO's Patio Chats -

Join AmblesideOnline's Patio Chats

Are you brand new to Charlotte Mason? Wondering what makes the Charlotte Mason method different? Not sure how to do narration, copywork, nature study? Never heard of narration, copywork, nature study? Don't worry -- we have a series of short, friendly little chats to walk you through the basics. They're so friendly, we're calling them Patio Chats -- you can pull up a chair, grab a cup of whatever, and read an encouraging note to give you something to think about for the week.

How Does it Work?

Every week, we'll be sharing one of these chats via one of our social platforms; they're each just a couple of paragraphs that can be read in five minutes, but full of information you need to know about the Charlotte Mason way of educating and living to get you through the year. They're taken straight from the twenty principles that Charlotte Mason thought were vital to this way of teaching. We'll cover history, ideas, language arts, the tools of education, personhood, ideas, self-education -- all gently and slowly, one at a time. We'll start in mid-August with a few posts right off to get you started if you're a new homeschooler, and then over the following 39 weeks, we'll share a short note of encouragement to help you become familiar with what you need to know.

You can read them and reflect on them on your own, or use them to begin your own personal study of Charlotte Mason topics. If you want to think them through with others, we invite you to discuss them on our online Forum or Facebook group -- or discuss them with your local Charlotte Mason friends.

How Can You Get In On This?

You can get these Patio Chats in three different ways: by joining our announcement-only Yahoo group where you will receive these brief emails without any discussion or chatter, on our Forum, or in our Facebook chat group.