The Parents' Review

A Monthly Magazine of Home-Training and Culture

Edited by Charlotte Mason.

"Education is an atmosphere, a discipline, a life."
A Short List of Books on Educational Subjects

with brief critical notices of each book
by James Welton, M.A. Lecturer on Education, Yorkshire College, Lards.
Volume 7, 1896, pgs. 262-263

ETHICAL. ADLER, FELIX, Ph.D., President of the Ethical Society of New York. *Moral Instruction of Children. 8vo., pp. xiii., 270; E. Arnold, 1892; 6s. A systematic practical handbook to this important subject, not based on any definite religious system. Very valuable to parents and teachers.

BRYANT, MRS. SOPHIE, D.Sc., Head Mistress of the North London Collegiate School Girls. *Educational Ends, 8vo., pp. x., 292; Longmans & Co., 1887; 6s. A most valuable discussion of the ethical and logical ends of education, from the standpoint of philosophical idealism, concluding with the establishment of the ultimate unity of the two ends. This is one of the books which every thoughtful parent and teacher should read. *Short Studies in Character. 8vo., pp. vi., 247; Swan, Sonnenschein & Co., 1894; 3s. 6d. A series of essays on the essential features of a good character, and the process of its formation, regarded throughout from an educational standpoint. The book is simpler and less systematic than the same author's Educational Ends, to which it forms a good introduction.

GREY, MRS. W. *Last Words to Girls on Life in School and after School. Longmans, 3s. 6d. A good book, whose scope is sufficiently indicated by its title.

MACKENZIE, J.S., M.A., Professor of Philosophy at University College, Cardiff. A Manual of Ethics. 8vo., pp. xxx., 355; Clive & Co., 1892; 6s. 6d. A clear and stimulating discussion, from the stand point of philosophical idealism, of the end of life and the characteristics of good conduct and character. Some knowledge of the theory of ethics must be regarded as essential to all educators, and no book is better adapted to supply this knowledge than Mr. Mackenzie's.

MUIRHEAD, J.H., M.A., Professor of Philosophy at the Royal Holloway College, Egham. *Elements of Ethics. 8vo., pp. xi., 239; Murray, 1892; 3s. A book on similar lines to Professor Mackenzie's, and from a similar and from a similar standpoint, but briefer, and with less reference to the individual life.

PEREZ, BERNHARD. *L'education morale des le Berceau. 8vo., pp. xxiv., 320; Paris: Alcain, 1887 5fr. A treatise on the development and training of character, based on a psychological study of the growth of the emotions and the will.

WILSON, ARCHDEACON, formerly Head Master of Clifton College. Three Addresses to Girls at School. 8vo.; Rivingtons and Co.; 1s. 6d. Three excellent and stimulating addresses dealing with Education, High School Education for Girls, and Religion respectively.

Books marked * are in the P.N.E.U. Library.