Father, your son Jesus has a double entitlement to your kingdom (once as God and once as man). He gives me part of this double entitlement: keeping his deity and place in the Trinity, he can still give me--a man--his conquest of death as a man. Christ, the Lamb whose death gave life to the world, was ordained to die from the beginning of the world. He has made two wills (the two Testaments) which leave the legacy of the kingdom to his children. The old will was based on the Law, and men still argue if it's possible to keep the law completely; none has been able to do so yet. But your grace and Holy Spirit give life to what the law kills. They condense your law to a single requirement: that we should love one another. This is the new will, based on love. Let this new will be the one to stand!

[paraphrased by Tim Laurio]

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